6 Reasons You Should Protect Wild Animals

Wild animals help to keep the ecosystem balanced. Like humans, wild animals are also important for protecting the environment and maintaining a good ecosystem. They are part of the food chain.

Humans, at times, treat these wild animals unfairly. They take their lives for the fun of hunting, trade their fur and other body parts for consumer goods, and act cruelly against them in many ways. We should stop these and try to protect the wild animals for the following reasons.

PostImage 6 Reasons You Should Protect Wild Animals Healthy ecosystem - 6 Reasons You Should Protect Wild Animals

Healthy ecosystem

Organisms on earth are connected to the ecosystem through the food chain. If one animal gets extinct, then it disrupts the food chain and create imbalance in the ecosystem.

For example, carnivores are getting reduced.

This is mainly due to human activities like hunting and poaching. As a result, the number of herbivores is increasing. If this goes on, then there will be shortage of food in the jungles and the herbivores will move to agricultural lands in search of food.


Many animal species are used to make medicine. For example, doctors use venom of Cobra for treating leprosy. Animals are often used to test new medicines before applying them to human bodies.

Healthy environment

Wildlife keeps the environment clean and healthy. Vultures and eagles, for example, remove animal corpses and keep the environment clean.

PostImage 6 Reasons You Should Protect Wild Animals Recreation - 6 Reasons You Should Protect Wild Animals


Because of wildlife, now you can go on safaris or do bird watching and wildlife photography. Children love to go to the zoo to see wild animals and learn about them. Wildlife is a big part of recreational activities.

Economic value

Wildlife attracts people from all over the world. People visit countries to go on safaris, zoos, and forests and countries earn money from tourism.

Due to tourists, the job opportunities also increase in zoos, forests and safaris as it is important to keep the environment in good condition and take care of the animals. This will then attract more tourists.

So, wildlife contributes to the GDP of a country. Singapore, for example, has taken measures to protect wildlife to promote tourism.

Aesthetical value

Wild animals in forests and jungles look beautiful. It increases the aesthetical value of nature. They help to make the earth beautiful and you will love watching them.

We must protect the wildlife for the environment, the ecosystem and for our benefit as well. We should stop cruelty against these animals.

There are different organizations that work hard to protect these wild animals. We should support them and if possible, make donations so that they can continue their campaigns to protect these animals. We should expose those who do harm to these animals and seek appropriate justice.