7 Ways Unibet Can Support Animal Welfare Organizations

Animals are an important part of our environment and we have a duty to protect them. There are animal welfare organizations that work for supporting animals and preventing animal cruelty.

However, we have a responsibility to support these organizations. Other companies and individuals can also support animal welfare organizations. Unibet is a popular online casino. Here are some ways Unibet can support animal welfare organizations.


Unibet can encourage its employees to work a few hours every week or month as volunteers in animal shelters. It can be difficult to maintain hygiene in these places and the employees can give a hand in cleaning the facilities and looking after the pets.

Donate food and supplies

Unibet can ask employees to donate money to buy food and supplies for pets. You can give these to the animal shelters and help them to keep the pets healthy.

Postimage 7 Ways Unibet Can Support Animal Welfare Organizations Adopt pets - 7 Ways Unibet Can Support Animal Welfare Organizations

Adopt pets

Unibet can encourage its employees to adopt pets so that homeless pets get a home. You will be helping these pets to get a good life by adopting.

Donate a portion of income

Unibet earns money when people download the Unibet mobile app and sign up for the site. The company can give a percentage of the signup money as a donation to these organizations.

Matching contribution

Unibet can arrange a donation campaign where the employees will be asked to donate money. As a company, Unibet can then match the contribution and double up the fund. This will help the animal welfare organizations to carry on their campaigns to protect animals.

Donate skills

If Unibet has an employee who is good at photography or pet training, then Unibet can ask the employee to take pet photos for free so that the animal shelters can use the photos to motivate people to adopt the pet.

If the employees know how to train pets, they can provide free training in different pet training centres for a few hours every week.

Organize a contest

Unibet can organize contests to collect money for a donation from their players. The players will have to pay a certain fee to take part in the competition and the money collected from this fee will be donated to an animal welfare organization.

These are some of the ways Unibet can show support to animal welfare organizations. Their efforts will help to keep animals safe.