Completely Bare stops using real fox fur after protests

27th of January 2012 - A spokesperson for Completely Bare confirmed on the phone with 3dayz yesterday that Cindy Barshop, former "Real Housewives of New York" star and owner of luxe spa chain Completely Bare, will stop using real fox fur for her newly launched Foxy Bikini and will start to replace it by faux fur!

It was further confirmed that the main reason for their decision was the amount of protest they received. Just now we also received written confirmation:

"It's true, we have began using faux fur instead of fox"

Only one day after releasing the news about our involvement of saving 1000's of beagles from vivisection, this is yet another amazing victory for fur bearing animals!

"From the start we said the use of real fox fur for pubic wigs was just their perverted way of seeking attention and it seems we were right. We're immensely proud of our supporters for protesting animal cruelty so actively which resulted in beinig involved in two major victories in just two days.", a spokesperson for 3dayz said. "We're very pleased the concept of 3dayz seems to work and we will continue to motivate people to keep contacting those who are responsible for animal cruelty."


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